Regulations for requesting and obtaining press accreditation

1. To request press accreditation, journalists (including freelancers) must also submit, together with the accreditation request, a copy of the professional card and colophon of the publication (with indication of collaboration) as well as a letter from the editorial staff proving their collaboration with the publication in object. Press accreditations are not allowed to free lance journalists without collaboration.

2. To request press accreditation, photographers and videographers must also submit, together with the accreditation request, a letter from the editorial staff / agency proving the collaboration. For the release of the compulsory bib, an identity document will be required which will be returned at the end of the event.

Each accredited person must provide the organizers at the end of the event with a photo book (20/25 images) also with watermark in one of the four corners of the image or, in the case of video operators, a pre-assembled clip of max 1 min / 1min and half and max 3 minutes.

3. To apply for the TEAM, a request from the team on headed paper must be submitted as an attachment to this accreditation request.

4. If the accreditation request is accepted, it will be necessary to present the press kit with all the completed and signed Covid-19 documentation.


Updated on 06.01.2021


Updated on 06.01.2021

Press Office Contacts

Press officer

Michele Dalla Riva

+39 338 969 4633

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